How To: Organize Your Garage

Is you garage dirty, cluttered, or even unusable? Can you find the things you need? Do boxes or items occasionally fall off shelves without warning? Are they even on shelves?

Organizing your garage might seem like a big undertaking, but it can really be very simple.

First, plan your space. Decide what you want to use your garage for: storing your car, storing stuff that doesn’t fit in the house, a workshop, a home gym? Pick a purpose first, and build your space accordingly.

Second, sort what’s already there. This is probably the toughest part. Go through everything already in your garage and decide if you really need it. Throw out or donate what’s broken or what you don’t need, want or use anymore.

Group like items together. Put all your tools, clothes, holiday decorations, yard equipment, gardening supplies, weights etc. together in groups. Things will be easier to find if they’re categorized this way.

Find a place for everything. Every item or category should have a “home” in your garage. You can store things in boxes or clear plastic bins, on the walls using pegboard, on shelves, or even hanging from the ceiling.  If an item gets moved, it should always be put back in it’s place. This way, you’ll know exactly where to find it and your garage will stay organized.


About Handyman Jones

Handyman Jones is a family owned and operated handyman and home remodeling business, with branches in Omaha, Nebraska and Eagle, Idaho. The father-son pair of Stephen and Brandon Jones takes great pride in the company’s reputation and involvement in their respective communities (Stephen lives and works in Eagle, while Brandon runs things in Omaha). The Jones family has been working in construction since the 1970s, building quality homes and commercial buildings, as well as working in real estate and property management. 40 years of experience means we know what your home means to you, and we care about helping you make home maintenance a simple, enjoyable experience. Handyman Jones believes whole-heartedly in providing quality home maintenance, home remodeling and handyman services at a fair price. There’s no reason to spend your time searching for several different contractors to complete your home repair or home improvement—we can do it all for you. Handyman Jones is a recognized market leader and our leadership sets the pace in the handyman business throughout the Midwest.
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